Restoration Procedure

  1. We pressure clean your house roof to remove dirt, moss and lichen, leaving a clean surface.
  2. A full inspection will be carried out, any broken tiles will be replaced.
  3. Any loose ridge cappings will be repaired, and then repointed with a flexible mortar.
  4. After the roof has been cleaned and repaired, we will apply a sealer coating that will prevent moisture absorption.
  5. Two coats of roof membrane will then be applied to give your roof an “as new” appearance.
restoration 1
restoration 2


Corrugated Iron Roofs / Colourbond


  1. High pressure clean the roof to remove dirt and flaky paint.
  2. Re-tighten loose iron, tek screw where necessary.
  3. Apply a suitable primer, metal etch or anti-rust.
  4. Apply two coats of membrane, or 1 coat of rustguard (depending on roof condition).

iron 1

iron 2

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